Anti-SPAM Policy

Anti-SPAM Policy and Terms of



Anti-SPAM Policy has zero tolerance at
Clients will be closed if they send unsolicited messages.
You can report any abuse to antispam|at|, please send a forward message with full report including headers.
Any ISP or spam lists administrator can contact us at abuse|at|

Anti-SPAM Policy of prohibit the use of services in any way that would result in the transmission, distribution and delivery of unsolicited electronic mail messages in large or unsolicited commercial messages (“Spam”).
Through spam we understand that sending unsolicited messages after which we received complaints from those who receive, use or distribution of mailing lists that belong to people who have not consented posting articles on commercial groups, newsgroups USENET that do not permit, posting articles containing binary encoded data, massive post comments groups, forums that have no connection with the subject discussed, continuously sending materials that can be considered offensive abuse.

In order to ensure the best conditions for all customers, adopts a policy without tolerance for subscriptions that send SPAM.
This policy may require the suspension of any subscription that proves to be the source of SPAM.
To eliminate various problems hosting subscriptions can send a maximum of 6 messages (emails) per minute. There is no exception to this rule.
Any customer who wants to send more emails per hour will have to request the express permission of
If believes that there is an unauthorized and improper use of any service, may, without notice, take the measures they consider correct, according to its own considerations, among which blocking messages from a particular Internet domain, mail server or IP address. may immediately terminate any account of any service which would, according to its own considerations, that is transmitted or there is a connection of any kind with an e-mail message that violate this policy.